Our Campaigns

 POW Action Fund advocates for policies on Capitol Hill that focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, integrating clean energy solutions, promoting the adoption of electric vehicles, curbing fossil fuel emissions on public lands and ensuring a fair and equitable transition to a clean energy future.  Through our campaigns and strategic lobbying efforts, we’re building impactful relationships with key decision-makers, leveraging our influence to drive significant and lasting change.

Our Current Campaigns

  • Rural Electric Co-op

    Here at POW Action Fund, we’re big fans of sourcing our power locally, which is why we’re supporting the Rural Electric cooperatives initiative. Rural Electric cooperatives are non-profit electric utilities that are member-owned and were first created in the 1930s with the goal of providing energy to rural communities….

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  • The Energizing Our Communities Act

    In 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) invested $369 billion in clean energy infrastructure. It’s a solid move, but we aren’t at the summit yet. To reach our climate goals, we need to unlock the full potential of the IRA and we’re ready for the summit push! We have…

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  • Protect the Dolores River Canyon

    Nestled within the heart of Colorado, the Dolores River Canyon and surrounding lands stand as a testament to the state’s natural beauty, boasting magnificent landscapes rich in the indigenous history of the Ute people. These beloved public lands offer a wealth of natural and cultural resources, drawing both local…

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  • Protect the Ruby Mountains

    In 2023, U.S. Senator Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) re-introduced her legislation to expand protections and prohibit unproductive oil and gas development in Nevada’s beautiful and pristine Ruby Mountains. The Ruby’s, in Nevada, hold a rich cultural history and span 450,000 acres of public land, offering endless opportunities for skiing, hiking and angling….

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  • Why We Lobby

    The impacts of climate change on the places we love—our communities, trails, mountains and waterways— are greater than ever. Changing the trajectory of climate change will take smarts. It will take guts. And it will take passion. POW Action Fund is committed to advocating for a healthy climate through clean energy policies and public lands legislation, which is crucial for addressing these urgent impacts. Our efforts focus on forming relationships with key decision-makers nationwide to ensure our priorities are on their agenda.

    The end result? We help passionate outdoor people protect the places they live and the experiences they love from the effects of climate change.

    “Lobbying is like making new friends as an adult—a little scary at first but if you go in with an open mind you’re bound to find points of overlap and connection….But as many POW Alliance members know, a mountain is only unclimbable until someone is brave enough to try summiting. Lobbying helped all of us in the meeting better understand how similar our values and goals really are and start to think about how to use that alignment to shape a tomorrow that is just a little better than today. We left with a new friend and are looking forward to getting to know them more over the next few years.”

    -Professional cross-country skier and runner, Erika Flowers

    “It’s really important to use these medals that we’re carrying around to make sure that we get in the door – that we get in front of people who are able to vote on these huge policies that impact all of us.”

    -Olympic medalist, professional cross-country skier and
    POW Athlete Alliance member, Jesse Diggins