We help passionate outdoor people protect the places they live and the experiences they love from the effects of climate change. That work starts at the ballots.

The power of the American Democracy is in our hands, and we need the entire Outdoor State™ to show up at the polls to protect clean air, clean water, our planet and the experiences that we love. Our voices need to be heard, so let’s mobilize and create civic engagement and voter turnout in November’s election. We have the unique opportunity to create a cultural shift toward voting, and thus, change political will with the goal of enacting climate solutions.

We have big things on the horizon for 2024, so stay tuned for updates and how you can take action!

2022 Voter Guidebooks

Check back in 2024 for the updated Voter Guidebooks for the upcoming Presidential Election. In the meantime, you can dive into our 2022 Midterm Voter Guidebooks below to learn more about the state-specific work we did during the past election.