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You’re here because clearly, you want to help protect the outdoor places and lifestyles you love. Same here.

EIN: 82-3030363
POW Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) organization. Contributions to POW Action Fund are not tax-deductible

How We Put Your Support to Work

We may be small. But thanks to you, we are mighty.

With your support, we work to educate the members of the Outdoor State on the unmistakable relationship between climate and the outdoors – the very element that brings us all together. We then turn the outdoor community’s shared love of wild places into the political will needed to drive positive action on climate change.

Our Path Together

We get it – the path ahead is steep and has plenty of challenges. Fortunately, getting to the summit of an extremely hard climb is what we are built for and what we do best. And we all know getting there is even sweeter when you’ve got the best partners on the path with you (that’s you)!