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More Utah residents are concerned about drought and reduced snowpack than in any other western state, and for good reason. With persistent drought affecting Utah, the Great Salt Lake has had record low levels each of the last two years. Low water levels have strained the deer population causing restrictions in the number of general season deer hunting permits issued and preventing access for Utahns who enjoy hunting. And the state’s reduced snowpack is unlikely to fill lakes and reservoirs in Utah back to normal levels. Don’t forget; it also shortens the length of the ski season and means less powder days, too! This not only threatens Utah residents’ enjoyment of winter sports, but also puts the state’s $4.9 billion outdoor recreation industry and 61,890 associated jobs at risk. 

One Senate seat and four in the House are up for election in Utah this November. This gives concerned Utahns the opportunity to use the power of their vote to advocate and protect their public lands from these threats to Utah’s outdoor sanctuaries.

The polls open for early voting on October 25. Dive into the Utah Voter Guidebook below so you can feel confident as you fill in your ballots this election season.

Our Utah Voter Guidebook