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The outdoor recreation industry is a vital part of the Montana economy, contributing $2.9 billion in annual spending and nearly 30,000 local jobs across the state. More than just economically, outdoor recreation is an essential part of life for many Montanans; 80% of Montana residents visited public lands more than twice in the last year and more Montana voters identify as hunters and anglers than in any other western state. These outdoor activities are being threatened by the increased frequency and intensity of wildfires caused by a changing climate. Reduced snowpack leads to shorter ski seasons and fewer powder days in the winters, as well as trickling water levels by mid-summer that make it harder to enjoy fishing and boating in warmer months.

Montana’s outdoor heritage is on the line as a result of a changing climate. With one of the most contested Senate seats in the country and two seats in the House of Representatives up for election in 2024, Montana voters can use the power of their vote to preserve Montana’s outdoor traditions for generations to come.


Elections in Montana are won by razor thin margins– often by just a few thousand votes. By activating Montana’s skiers, hunters, anglers, cyclists, and climbers to volunteer for just two hours, we can help climate champions win across the ballot in November.

Join POW AF’s Action Corps volunteer program. You’ll be connected to literature drops, door-knocking, and phone banking opportunities statewide. Plus, enjoy exclusive Action Corps bike rides, happy hours and events with our Alliance members.

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