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With fickle winters threatening ski seasons and reducing the number of powder days, Colorado’s $5 billion ski and winter sports industry is in harm’s way. In the summer, a warming climate has made fire season more extreme, and restricted access to many of the warm-weather playgrounds coveted by Coloradans. The frequency of wildfires has reduced air quality, making it difficult for Colorado residents to enjoy hiking, camping, running and biking. Climate change isn’t just affecting outdoor recreation: A lack of water puts the state’s fast-growing population at risk and harms the rural Western Slope’s ranching and agriculture industries.

With one Senate and all eight House seats up for election this year, Colorado voters are facing a huge opportunity to use the power of their vote to protect the outdoor spaces where they live and love to play.

The polls open for early voting on October 14. Dive into the Colorado Voter Guidebook below so you can feel confident as you fill in your ballots this election season.

Our Colorado Voter Guidebook

Our Colorado State-Level Voter Guidebook