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Arizona is the fastest-warming state in the lower 48. The state has bountiful playgrounds for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, rafters and mountain bikers to enjoy, and these spaces are in danger of drying up under the skyrocketing desert heat. With the dangers come huge opportunities, as the Grand Canyon State has huge solar and renewable energy potential. It’s a perfect place for POW Action Fund to work and expand its base in.

Arizona’s senate race will be one of the most important nationally, with democrats seeing it as one of their most likely pickups. The momentum of Mark Kelly in the senate race could help carry Joe Biden in the state, making it a possible electoral college pick up for Democrats, as well. 

POW Action Fund has endorsed Mark Kelly for U.S. Senate in Arizona.


Deep Dive:


Kelly has spoken favorably of a carbon tax saying that he believes “at some point, we’ve got to start taxing carbon.”


Kelly pledges to be a strong advocate for investment into renewable energy and has said that the desire to protect the planet from the threats of climate change was one of the inspirations behind his campaign. He has said, “Tackling climate change head-on with the investments in renewable energy is one of the reasons I decided to run for U.S. Senate. It also means we’re going to be taking on the most powerful fossil fuel industries.”

Kelly supports transitioning to carbon-free energy and has said that “we’ve got to figure out a way to get from fossil fuels to more renewable energy. And I think we’ve got a decade or so to figure this out but we can’t continue to wait.”

Kelly believes in supporting solar development, especially in Arizona. He has said, “Investing in solar power is smart for Arizona. With our abundant sunshine, solar power is one of our most promising forms of renewable energy. We should invest in renewable technology—developing, manufacturing, and deploying it here in Arizona.”

“As one of the nation’s leading producers of renewable energy, climate change is also an opportunity for Arizona. The renewable energy sector already employs 10,500 people in the state. We can triple that number, but only by making massive investments in research and development of technologies that make renewable energy more competitive and accelerate the transition to a renewable economy. The only thing stopping us is irresponsible leadership in Washington.”


Mark Kelly has consistently spoken up in support of conservation of public lands and opposed a proposal to reopen the Grand Canyon region to uranium mining.

He has pledged to make sure “we don’t take advantage” of natural resources like Saguaro National park. He has said, “Let’s all recommit ourselves to protecting Arizona’s natural beauty and resources.”

“Arizona is a beautiful state. Future generations deserve to enjoy it, so we have to listen to the science, data, and facts to protect it.”

“The Grand Canyon is a treasure not just for the state of Arizona, but for the planet. It’s up to us to protect and preserve it so future generations can continue to enjoy its beauty for decades to come—and that includes protecting it from uranium mining.”


Along with his support for renewables, Mark Kelly believes that increased electric vehicle use is an important step in decarbonizing. He has spoken of his support for driving down the costs to aid in consumer purchasing of electric vehicles.

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