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Arizona is the fastest-warming state in the lower 48. The Grand Canyon State has bountiful playgrounds for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, rafters and mountain bikers to enjoy—and these spaces are in danger of drying up under the skyrocketing desert heat. Intense heat and lack of precipitation have led to historically low water levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead in 2022. This has forced many in Arizona to think twice about water-based recreation activities like fly fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding. More frequent wildfires also caused by intense heat and drought have decreased air quality across the state, bringing the potential for negative impacts on health and enjoyment for Arizonans trying to get outside.

With the dangers come huge opportunities, as the state has massive solar and renewable energy potential and currently one Senate and nine House seats up for election in 2024. Outdoor enthusiasts in Arizona can use their vote to save the places, spaces and activities they love.


Elections in Arizona are won by razor thin margins– often by just a few thousand votes. By activating Arizona’s skiers, hunters, anglers, cyclists, and climbers to volunteer for just two hours, we can help climate champions win across the ballot in November.

Join POW AF’s Action Corps volunteer program. You’ll be connected to literature drops, door-knocking, and phone banking opportunities statewide. Plus, enjoy exclusive Action Corps bike rides, happy hours and events with our Alliance members.

Our Arizona Voter Guidebook

Our Arizona State-Level Voter Guidebook