Donate To POW Action Fund

You’re here because clearly, you want to help protect the outdoor places and experiences you love. Same here.

EIN: 82-3030363
POW Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) organization. Contributions to POW Action Fund are not tax-deductible

How We Put Your Support to Work

Strong climate policy requires fierce climate champions to hold office. With your support, we can dig deep into this election cycle, turning out the Outdoor State™ to elect pro-climate candidates who are up for the task. By donating, you’re joining hundreds of other passionate members who are a part of POW AF Action Corps. As a thank you, we’ll invite you to engage in our electoral work through volunteer opportunities and exclusive events with our Alliance members.

Beyond our electoral work, your dollars fund our year-round lobbying efforts advocating for powerful climate legislation and ballot initiatives at the local, state and federal levels.

Our Path Together

Between now and November, we will be shouting the importance of voting from every peak we summit and river we float. Come Election Day we will round up our touring partners, belay buddies, and safety boaters to head to the polls. As the most powerful voting bloc in the country, we can vote in representation and policy that will ensure long, snowy winters for decades to come. Learn more about key races we’re focused on across the West.