Why Colorado?

It shouldn’t be surprising that we have a stake in the future of our home state.

It’s true, for the past eight years, Colorado has had a governor who stepped up to join the US Climate Alliance, meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, and reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions by more than 26% by 2025. But, the reality is that there is much more a governor could do to act on climate change, especially in a state with a thriving outdoor recreation economy dependent on a stable climate. We need a governor who will be far more aggressive on climate policy to curb our warming winters.

What We're Fighting For

Colorado brings in $28 billion in revenue each year from outdoor recreation, which employs 229,000 in the Rocky Mountain State. From Durango to Steamboat, Coloradans are known for their sense of adventure, whether that’s bagging 14ers or skiing every month of the year.

But, these places are feeling the impacts of climate change. And, the ski industry in the Rocky Mountain State has a lot at stake. There are over 43,000 jobs supported by winter tourism in Colorado, employing twice as many people as any other state. With a declining snowpack and shorter winter seasons, a lack of climate action at the state level means we’re putting revenue and jobs at risk.

We know whoever leads Colorado next needs to quickly build on Governor Hickenlooper’s work and take bold strides forward– and faster– when it comes to addressing climate change.

Meet the Candidates: The Race for Governor

Jared Polis (D)

Jared Polis is the current congressman representing Colorado’s 2nd District on Capitol Hill since 2009. A former businessman and entrepreneur, he is now running to be the Rocky Mountain State’s next governor.

  • Polis believes that climate change is real and the consequences are becoming a reality. He is running on a plan to move Colorado to 100% renewable energy by 2040.
  • He believes Colorado’s great outdoors are a powerful economic engine that has the power to transform communities and their economies across the state. “Colorado’s outdoor recreation economy is being threatened by climate change,” Polis said, “From longer, hotter summers, and increasingly devastating wildfires, to decreased snowpack and subsequent water shortages, [leadership on climate has never been more important].”
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Walker Stapleton (R)

Walker Stapleton is Colorado’s current State Treasurer, a post he has held since 2009. A businessman and former CEO, he is running to be elected governor in Colorado.

  • Stapleton touts the strength of the oil and gas industry in Colorado and promises to work with the industry, noting that “Colorado needs a leader that understands we must present a stable business environment to ensure a low-cost energy supply” and that he won’t pursue “agenda-driven, burdensome, job-killing regulations.”
  • He believes that “we can safely develop our natural resources. We can have a booming energy sector, create thousands of well-paying jobs, and protect Colorado’s environment for current and future generations.”
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