Protect Your Passions. Pick Your Line.

You’ve reached the crux of the election, but the Voter Guidebook is here to help.

We get it, voting is hard—but knowing who to vote for is even harder. Don’t worry, POW Action Fund has done the leg-work and is here to help you pick your line. Check out our Voter Guidebook, just plug in your address and we’ll show you who is on your ballot and where they stand on climate.

Pick Your Line

Picking the right line comes second-nature to the Outdoor State—you study the conditions, you know the terrain and you plan your route. Picking the right candidate isn’t always that simple. The Voter Guidebook is here to help—after all, we don’t want another elected official who thinks climate change is a myth. 

We Are The Outdoor State

A community of more than 50 million strong, passionate about protecting our outdoor playgrounds from the effects of climate change. It’s time to take action and vote, because America is only as strong as the people who fight for her.